What IBEX Climbing Gym is All About

What IBEX Climbing Gym is All About

For over 25 years, IBEX Climbing Gym has been one of Kansas City’s longest standing climbing gyms. We believe that providing a familiar slice of home is more important than the gimmicks of an edgy, hip gym—we focus our time on the people we serve, on providing quality routes, classes and tools for both the first timer to the seasoned veteran. Whether you’re going for an afternoon climb with the kids or are feeling inspired to challenge yourself, IBEX Climbing Gym has every tool for a successful climb. With a focus on community, inclusivity, and families of all kinds, IBEX devotes the personal attention needed so everyone who walks through their doors can climb with confidence, knowing there will always be someone to catch their fall—because sometimes you want to go to the gym where everybody knows your name.

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COVID-19 Update

We are sad to say that as of Monday August 9th, 2021 IBEX will be requiring masks to be worn at all times in the building due to Jackson County mandate. We are hopeful that as more people get vaccinated that the mandate will be lifted so that we can get back to returning to normal. We appreciate the respect and patience that our guests and members have shown each other and our staff throughout this pandemic and rely on your continued love and support. Stay safe.


IBEX COVID-19 Updates