Adult Groups at IBEX Climbing Gym

Adult Groups at IBEX Climbing Gym

Before you climb, you need a waiver.

Adults Can Group Up At IBEX Climbing Gym

If you have 10 or more participants that are 13 years old or older, you have a group. IBEX Climbing Gym has no cap size on groups and we offer an incredible discount to groups. Groups of ten or more adults are $30 per person.

Adult groups will, just as an individual would, go through our introductory course, Ropes and What-Knot. It’s basically mandatory. Climbing is so exciting, but as with any extreme sport, there is some instruction required for both newcomers and those who have not climbed in a while.

Adult group pricing does NOT include the 2 week trial membership that our typical Ropes and What-Knot booking does.



Includes climbing harness
and climbing shoes

group size


 A minimum of 10 climbers is required for a group session


1-2 Hours

Climb the rest of the day after the training course


4pm or 6pm

Times during the week to fit your schedule.


12pm or 4pm

Times on the weekend to fit your schedule.

Requests for groups MUST be made
2 or more weeks before the desired event date. 

All adults must sign a waiver before coming!
Have them fill it out online, and we’ll take it from there.

Stop Googling “Climbing Gyms Near Me”