Your Visit to IBEX
Climbing Gym

Your Visit to IBEX Climbing Gym

Before you climb, you need a waiver.

First time climbing at IBEX? Let’s get started!

Whether you’re an experienced climber or need someone to show you and your family the ropes, filling out a liability waiver is step one for every person climbing or belaying. After that, the sky’s the limit with everything IBEX Climbing Gym has to offer.

Save 10 Minutes During Your First Visit

Our Facility

Ropes of every size, walls for every height, and the staff to make the experience. It’s quality over quantity.


IBEX’s bouldering wall is 12 feet tall. No harnesses or ropes involved, and no experience required!

Roped Climbing

Roped walls are open to those who know how to belay. Take a class or test out at IBEX Climbing Gym.


Climbing classes for every age and experience level. Did we mention fitness classes at IBEX Climbing Gym?

Personal Sessions

Looking for some one-on-one education? IBEX Instructors are happy to take the time to show you the ropes.

Climbing Shoes

We’re only as sturdy as what’s on our feet. IBEX requires climbing shoes in order to use the wall. We have specialized climbing shoes for you to rent, or bring your own!

What To Wear?

Anything you can move in. Typical athletic wear works well, but some prefer pants that cover the knee to protect from scrapes. We’re happy as long as you’re comfortable.


If you’re doing auto belays or rope climbing, you’ll need a harness. If you have your own, great! Most people don’t, which is why we’re happy to rent you one.

Want the flexibility of a membership,
but not the price?

Day Rates, Gear, & More at IBEX Climbing Gym

If you want to see what IBEX is all about, daily pricing will get you everything you need with no commitment. Good for the entire day, even if you leave and come back!


Adult Day Pass

All those 13 and over. You can come and go all day long. A harness is included!


Kid Day Pass

For those 12 and under accompanied by an adult, harness included!


Extra Rental Gear

Shoes, chalkbag, belay device and carabiner. You can also check out each one individually!

Stop Googling “Climbing Gyms Near Me” IBEX Climbing Gym is right in the neighborhood