Girl Scouts at IBEX Climbing Gym

Girl Scouts at IBEX Climbing Gym

Before you climb, you need a waiver.

Girl Scouts Can Get Their Merits at IBEX Climbing Gym

IBEX Climbing Gym has been hosting Girl Scout Overnight Campouts for more than 10 years. Ask any troop in the Kansas City Area what their favorite campout is: it’s IBEX Climbing Gym! When the weather is too cold or too hot to be camping outside, come and climb ’til you drop and sleep in the air conditioned environment. Bring your sleeping bag and a pillow – we’ll take care of the rest. 



Arrival and check-in



Climb/belay instruction



Order pizza!

merit badge


Merit Badge and climbing



Climbing until lights out

All parents must sign their kids waiver before coming!
Have them fill it out online, and we’ll take it from there.

Stop Googling “Climbing Gyms Near Me” 

COVID-19 Update

We are sad to say that as of Monday August 9th, 2021 IBEX will be requiring masks to be worn at all times in the building due to Jackson County mandate. We are hopeful that as more people get vaccinated that the mandate will be lifted so that we can get back to returning to normal. We appreciate the respect and patience that our guests and members have shown each other and our staff throughout this pandemic and rely on your continued love and support. Stay safe.

IBEX COVID-19 Updates