Kids are the Most Natural Climbers

Kids are the Most Natural Climbers

At IBEX we don’t kid around… well, maybe just a little bit.

Take a look through and see what all IBEX Climbing Gym has to offer for your kids when you come through our doors!

Before you climb, you need a waiver.

Birthday Parties

Want a unique birthday experience? IBEX has been celebrating kids for over 20 years.

The Kid’s Wall

IBEX Climbing Gyms kids wall is 20 feet of easy to grab holds under a soft squishy mat. Parents can comfortably watch as their kids play around and build confidence. We have had kids as young as 2 get on!

Personal Sessions

Looking for some one-on-one education? IBEX Instructors are happy to take the time to show you the ropes.

Overnight at IBEX

IBEX Climbing Gym has been hosting Overnight Campouts for more than 10 years. See what its like to have the whole gym to yourselves!

Portable Climbing Wall

Get your guests excited and let us bring a 23ft tall challenge to your next event.

Climbing Club & Climbing Team

A great option for kids who want to climb with other kids, or who are interested in the world of competitive climbing.

Homeschool Programs

P.E. has never been more fun for your homeschooling family than when it’s at IBEX Climbing Gym.

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