IBEX Climbing
Gym’s Facility

IBEX Climbing Gym’s Facility

Over 24,000 square feet of climbing and fitness.

IBEX prides itself in being one of the cleanest and safest climbing gyms in the greater Kansas City area. From tall walls, bouldering, and moon board to pull up bars, bands, and weights. We provide a facility for families wanting to spend time with their kids to individuals looking to get in a good workout session.

Before you climb, you need a waiver.

About Us

For over 25 years, IBEX Climbing Gym has welcomed families and friends alike to climb new heights, together. We’re so proud of our Kansas City and Blue Springs climbing community, and we’re so happy it’s continuing to grow.

Auto Belays

Don’t have anyone to climb with? No problem, our auto belays are great for individual kids and adults looking for a quick session at IBEX Climbing Gym.

Climbing Wall

At approximately 32 feet tall, this is where beginners should start (along with our Ropes and What Knot Course). Experienced climbers can then discover countless routes and levels to climb at IBEX Climbing Gym.


Physically challenging and uniquely fun, the bouldering wall is 12 feet tall and requires a movement-focused style of climbing. With crash pads set up for kids and adults alike, those who have not taken Ropes and What Knot will be limited to the bouldering area, and auto belay wall.

Kid Wall

IBEX Climbing Gyms kids wall is 20 feet of easy to grab holds under a soft squisy mat. Parents can comfortably watch as their kids play around and build confidence. We have had kids as young as 2 get on!


While you can get in a great climb, we also provide the resources and classes to help you get into shape. Whether its building strength or endurance, we have you covered at IBEX.

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