IBEX, Your Home Climbing Gym

IBEX, Your Home Climbing Gym

It’s always good
to plan ahead.

They say knowing is half the battle! Get familiar with IBEX Climbing Gym when planning your first visit.

Before you climb, you need a waiver.

First Visit + Day Rates

Whether you’re an experienced climber or need someone to show you and your family the ropes, the sky’s the limit at IBEX. See what your first visit will look like at IBEX Climbing Gym

Location + Hours

When ever you are in the neighborhood just swing on by Ibex. We have the hours to fit your schedule.

The Facility

Fully equipped for any age range and skill level IBEX Climbing Gym provides all the tools you will need to reach new heights.

Save 10 Minutes During Your First Visit at IBEX Climbing Gym